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  Who doesn’t like a nice warm bed on a cold winter night?

  Since the old wooden models of the 1970’s, we’ve handled every type of waterbed and installed thousands of models over the years.    These fickle sleep systems are a comfortable solution to an assortment of ailments due to their contouring and heated nature.  Some of our customers choose unheated softside models to provide the contour of the water with that natural mattress look and feel.As the premier waterbed supplier for the Lehigh Valley for over 35 years, our Selection of waterbeds and waterbed supplies is unmatched.  We carry supplies and accessories to accommodate all waterbed models and will gladly provide answers to any waterbed questions.

  From heaters and siphon pumps, to our large selection of in-stock and ready to go products, we have your waterbed accessories covered.

Today’s waterbed mattress provides support and comfort 

Motionless Waterbed MattressThe wooden box designs of the 1970’s are almost extinct.  Since the development of the softside waterbed mattress, a lighter and more supportive system was achieved.  It’s name is due to the nature of the sides of the bed being supported by foam instead of the clunky and sometimes painful wooden sides of their predecessor.  By encasing the waterbed mattress in a heavy duty frame, a thinner and lighter waterbed is achieved.

  This allows for a waterbed in places where normally were not possible.  And since the softside model is designed primarily in standard mattress sizes, your sheet selection is endless.

Other Features of Softside Waterbeds:

  • Dual internal mattresses available to separate motion and heat levels between sides.
  • Heat and cool capable.
  • Heavy duty frames to accommodate your new or existing bed available.
  • Supportive lumbar region to provide proper lower back support.
  • Heavy duty reinforced vinyl, designed to resist puncture.
  • Full Warranty Support

Softside waterbed mattress upgrades

Any Softside Waterbed Package can be upgraded to provide less movement and thicker layers of support if desired.

  If you’re purchasing a king size softside waterbed, then our split water mattresses will provide the individual comfort to  not disturbing your partner’s sleep.  By providing two mattresses and a shock absorbing pad in the center, your side of the waterbed can truly be yours.

Our Complete Softside Waterbed Packages

From $1,098 (twin) – $1,498 (King)

INCLUDES:Softside Waterbed Cutaway Example

  • Plush quilted softside waterbed shell and upholstered cover
  • Waveless water mattress with no-leak safety liner
  • Low-watt heater
  • Fill kit with water conditioner
  • Softside foundation
  • Heavy duty (Waterbed Grade) bedframe

*Also includes Free Delivery, Setup, and Removal services.



Slit waterbed mattresses

Waterbed Accessories

  Waterbeds require some yearly maintenance to condition the water and make sure that the mattress continues to offer heated support.  Our wide selection of supplies includes everything you will need to get started, as well as hard to find accessories such as waterbed sheets and heating systems.  Stop in to see us at our Emmaus Ave., Allentown showroom to pick up that bottle of all purpose waterbed conditioner or to upgrade to the latest luxury wave-less waterbed that we have in stock.

8 0z Conditionerall purpose waterbed conditioner

Our conditioner will assist in preventing algae or other waterborne bacteria from forming, while also conditioning the vinyl to provide long lasting durability.

waterbed cleaner

Vinyl Cleaner and Conditioner

Apply this vinyl conditioner onto your external surfaces including the vinyl liner.  This antimicrobial spray will condition your vinyl while cleaning the surface,

Vinyl waterbed liner

Safety Liners

This safety liner is required to provide a failsafe solution to any leaks or punctures of your water mattress.  These liners can start to dry and crack over long periods of time.  It is absolutely necessary to replace your liner when cracks or holes appear.

Waterbed Heater


As the life of the hardside waterbed, the heating unit is the most important piece to a long muscle relaxing sleep.  Available for both softsides and hardside waterbeds alike, our digital heaters are designed to offer you a safe and comfortable solution to your cold winter nights.

Click Here for Waterbed Heater Installation and Troubleshooting

Waterbed cap

Replacement Pull Caps

Those pesky caps for your waterbed mattresses or tubes can either crack, strip, or disappear over time.  Don’t worry, we carry those too.

Waterbed fill and drain kit

Fill & Drain Kits


One of our most common requests from customers are these all-in-one fill and drain kits to assist in filling and draining your new and old water mattresses.

waterbed repair kit

Repair Kits


Sometimes the cat likes the nice warm mattress just as much as we do.  Unfortunately, sharp objects don’t do well around some of the thinner mattresses on the market.  Our vinyl repair kits are designed to outlive the life of the mattress.

waterbed accessories

Traditional hard-side waterbed mattresses

Comparable Softside Models Available


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